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The week that was

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Well this week.. well it was just another week gone by. Don’t know when it started… and guess what Saturday’s gone too. Sigh. Working as a software developer means you won’t know how the time flies by, and that’s how the case has been. My routine is now more or less settled. Get up at 6:45 - 7, take a bath, get dressed and hurry off to catch the bus which comes at about 7:50 - 8. Then in office first login using EMuster(the attendance system of 3i), off for breakfast at the canteen, come back review mails, mark important ones(meaning the one related to Issues and bugs in the product) and sit and work on them. And then before you know it, the time’s 6:30. Try to leave by the 6:30pm bus, otherwise stay back till 8:30 for the next cab. A good one hour commute, dinner and then come back and sit on my lappy, reading up Chip & Digit forums, moderating tech2 forums and next thing it’s nearly 12 in the midnight, time to hit the sack. Get up next day, the cycle follows. Sounds monotonous, well yrah it is. That’s how life is. Like they say, best time of your life is when you’re in College. Working can be a drain, physically at times, mostly mentally. You’re just too tired to do anything, although for outsiders it seems like all I do at work is “sit inside an AC cabin and type”. Well those of you think that, you’re not far away from the truth. What you don’t realize is that before I can “type” there’s lots of things I got to worry about. Got to think what will be the implications of that little bit of “typing” in the future. If this isn’t taken care about then my mailbox id will be filled with “this-isn’t-working” mails. Oh well. I did opt for this.
Apart from that, internet access was approved for me at office, so the little bit of time I’m free I can do a bit of surfing. And my Onsite project manager had a look at my blog(which was as a result of me embedding the link in the signature, and my correspondence with our onsite Project Implementor, the onsite PM’s email id was in the CC list). While having coffee, He came upto me and asked me if Indeed It was my blog on Linux, and he was asking how well I know Linux, and on Google Adsense.
And yeah the funniest event that happened was that my Project Manager had send an IP Message(we use IP Messenger for non-official communication) to my teammates and me, stating that he would like to see us in Office on Saturday(that’s Republic Day!!). What was funny about it? Well a teammate of mine sent him a forward via mail, with the mail contents as “Happy Republic Day” =)) =)) We were all having a great laugh with this mail, even my PM was, saying “This wasn’t the reply I was expecting!!”.
Well that was about it for this week. Nothing interesting, all too boring.
What about the next week? That remains to be seen. I’m contemplating taking a long 4 day leave around Mid- March, planning to go back home and be there for my birthday(March may seem a long way off, but yeah we’ve to plan ahead, for the sake of the project and resource allocation). Let’s see how that goes.