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Of Handling Multiple Projects And Failed EVDO Connections

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Well it’s been a while since I updated my blog, so here goes. It’s been an event packed(and not-so-packed) past few weeks.

Let start with what happened 2 weeks ago:
The first half of the week was more or less the same. Just the same things that I’d mentioned in the previous post. It’s the latter half of the week where it got interesting. We(as in me and my team mates) received a mail from our onsite implementer stating that he needs all our support for the project as the project was supposed to go live on Feb 14th,and there would be testing at their end(their end meaning US). Hence my PM requested me(and my team mates) to stay back late, just in case any issues popped up, we could solve them.  Well we were rather confident that there would be no issues as such, but still we stayed back. Basically I was doing nothing but surfing, checking my official mailbox for any important mails. We were in office till like 23:30, but my Project Manager dropped me back till the guest house where I stay. He also informed me that he will pick me up the next day a bit late at around 10:30(usually I catch the office bus at 7:45). So day 1 went off without a hitch, and no mails from the implementer either. The next day too, we stayed late(only till 10:30 though) and again everything seemed to go without a hitch. Or did it?
You see the following day(i.e., on day 3, this was a Friday), we received a call from the implementer stating that the project live status has been delayed by a month or so. All of us were like :-?? Till date we still don’t know what happened. Technical issues? Management difference of opinion? No idea till now.
The coming week was like a party week, especially if you’re addicted to the Internet. With the Live status delayed, and no issues to fix, I had no work to do this _entire_ week and was surfing the Net whole day 😀  :D/
And on Friday, My Project manager informed me that I will we assigned to another project, along with the Current project. So from tomorrow onwards, I will be on 2 projects, with my first project being at higher priority. So let’s hope that goes well too.
Wait I’m not done yet. If you’ve noticed the title, it states “Failed EVDO connections”. Well, as you might be knowing I’ve been trying to obtain a BSNL EVDO connection since the past couple of weeks. Yesterday’s events totally killed my chances of getting that connection. Why? Because it’s official. Chennai doesn’t have EVDO facility(except for the outskirts - Perungudy, Ponnamalai high) neither does BSNL have any immediate plans of deploying it in and around city areas. That just bummed me out totally. Of course for obtaining this little piece of information I had to goto 3 BSNL exchanges, meet atleast 12 people(out of which 10 people gave the same reply when I mentioned EVDO - “EVDO ah? What’s that ?” Hell even the SDE(Sub-Divisional Engineer) had no idea about EVDo. He kept pointing towards the WiFi router and informed me to apply for a telephone line when I told him EVDO is “like wireless Internet connection”. Sigh. 3 hours, no idea how much spent on ricks, roaming about 3 exchanges for this piece of information. Oh I’m so loving it 8-|

On an unrelated note, I’m looking forward to going back home to Mangalore, most likely on March 18th, just in time for my birthday on March 19th. It’s been nearly 2 months since I’ve been there, and I’m eagerly looking forward to it, to have some good ol' Mangalorean food. Initially I’d planned on surprising my folks about this trip, but I’d just dropped a hint about it to my sis, and that was it, my folks came to know about the trip. Sigh. Oh well. Looking forward to the homecoming.

That’s about it.