If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’d be knowing that most of the time my dinner is generally Rice Thaali + Chicken Curry / Egg Omlette(or all three, if I’m particularly hungry 😀 ) at a nearby Bengali restaurant named Maa Durga Hotel. Well I didn’t want to eat the same thing today, so decided to head over to a South Indian vegetarian restaurant called Balaji Woodlands, just outside the guest house where I stay. I was glancing through the menu deciding on what to order. I *almost* decided to order Naan+Kaaju Paneer Combo, when I saw an item, which somehow I’d missed earlier. What was it?

“American Capsicum Noodles”

I was like WTF are American Capsicum Noodles? Undettered by not even *heard* about it before, I decided to order it. It was a good 15 minute wait before my order was served. So what are American Capsicum Noodles?

Have a look:

American Capsicum Noodles       American Capsicum Noodles,Again

Well, it turned out that American Capsicum Noodles is just another fancy name for Chop Suey! More like some fried cut noodles, capsicum, onions and a whole lotta ketchup. Got to admit though, it wasn’t _that_ bad, fairly OK, decent quantity for Rs 40 that I paid for it.Very fattening? Definitely