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If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’d be knowing that most of the time my dinner is generally Rice Thaali + Chicken Curry / Egg Omlette(or all three, if I’m particularly hungry ๐Ÿ˜€ ) at a nearby Bengali restaurant named Maa Durga Hotel. Well I didn’t want to eat the same thing today, so decided to head over to a South Indian vegetarian restaurant called Balaji Woodlands, just outside the guest house where I stay. I was glancing through the menu deciding on what to order. I *almost* decided to order Naan+Kaaju Paneer Combo, when I saw an item, which somehow I’d missed earlier. What was it?

“American Capsicum Noodles”

I was like WTF are American Capsicum Noodles? Undettered by not even *heard* about it before, I decided to order it. It was a good 15 minute wait before my order was served. So what are American Capsicum Noodles?

Have a look:

American Capsicum Noodlesย ย ย ย ย ย  American Capsicum Noodles,Again

Well, it turned out that American Capsicum Noodles is just another fancy name for Chop Suey! More like some fried cut noodles, capsicum, onions and a whole lotta ketchup. Got to admit though, it wasn’t _that_ bad, fairly OK, decent quantity for Rs 40 that I paid for it.Very fattening? Definitely

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