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Celebrity Issues

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Being a mini “celebrity”  can be a problem. Now I’m no “celebrity”, but being a moderator of India’s biggest tech website forums, Tech2.o has its advantages…and drawbacks too. Some of the people who contact me on IM, just make me go =)) =)) =))

Case in point was the other day, while I was working, I get buzzed on IM. A guy asks me, “are you the moderator at tech2?”. I say “yes”. He tells me: ““prove it!!” I was like WTF?, and I go “Why should I?”. He then goes :“I KNOW YOU ARE LYING”. I then go “Ughhh, Ok, fine. I see no reason as to why I should “prove” you anything” . I’m like jeez what losers. Unfortunately I didnt have teh ENTIRE log of that conversation to share with you guys.

Today, i had another such incident. with Log. For sake of not embarrassing the guy,I’ve changed it to xxxx

xxxx:  dude this is xxxx
16:23:34: coolpcguy:  yea
16:23:36: xxxx:  remember
16:23:46: coolpcguy:  I know from tech2 forum
16:23:50: xxxx:  yup
16:24:06: xxxx:  so what is
16:24:19: xxxx:  whats that
16:24:24: coolpcguy:  Koolim
16:24:28: xxxx:  yup
16:24:29: coolpcguy:  I’m working in office,
16:24:37: xxxx:  oh
16:24:38: xxxx:  ok
16:24:45: coolpcguy:  meesenger is blocked, so use a web based messenger
16:24:54: xxxx:  ok
16:25:01: xxxx:  dude u are so clever
16:25:04: xxxx:  hmm
16:25:33: xxxx:  so why ur site dont have pm option
16:25:41: coolpcguy:  just make use of available resources
16:25:57: coolpcguy:  a. its not “my” site. its site by Web18.
16:26:08: xxxx:  ok
16:26:24: coolpcguy:  b. forums are undergoing an upgrade and the features will be available soon
16:26:24: xxxx:  where are u from
16:26:36: xxxx:  ok cool
16:26:44: coolpcguy:  from Mangalore, Karnataka
16:26:45: xxxx:  dont get angry
16:26:49: xxxx:  ok
16:27:28: xxxx:  u works in which company
16:28:15: coolpcguy:  3i Infotech Ltd,
16:28:35: xxxx:  oh man u work for info tech
16:29:24: coolpcguy:  yea
16:29:47: xxxx:   So how u got to know about
16:31:41: coolpcguy:  hmm, from their show
16:32:07: coolpcguy:  started watching thier show when they started it, and logged into the forums that day
16:32:27: coolpcguy:  been with the site since then (i believe the show started in Nov 2006 or so)
16:32:59: xxxx:  have u ever talked with them
16:33:50: coolpcguy:  persnoally over phone? No. We keep discussion over IM and email
16:34:28: xxxx:  do u have thier IM
16:35:34: coolpcguy:  yes
16:35:55: xxxx:  CAN U GIVE ME THEIR IM
16:36:01: coolpcguy:  that I can’t do.
16:36:13: xxxx:  WHY
16:36:26: coolpcguy:  because I’ve been forbidden
16:37:24: coolpcguy:  fine.

Man how DUMB and  STOOPID people can be?