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I'm on Folding@Home

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Yup, I’ve gotten into the Folding@Home brigade. Have always been into the whole distributed computation thingy, with my first experience being SETI@Home way back in 2000, when I first got my net connection. That net connection however was taken down soon(not thanks to my aunt coming down from the other side if the world and using it as an Always ON ADSL connection) meaning that my SETI@Home experiment came to a crashing halt 🙁
Recently started using BOINC but again experiment stopped as I shifted from my hometown of Mangalore to Chennai.

Recently while going through a thread in Tech2 forums on Folding@Home, I thought why not start it again and here I am! As of now the computation is going on.
If you’re interested, head over to Folding@Home download the client and just launch it. Right click on the client, and enter your username

(optionally)I have also created a team, if you’re interested to join, enter 126593 as the Team Number.

Join the cause!