Preshit’s tweet about him having the lamest mouse triggered a series of “my-mouse-is-lamer-than-yours” tweets, and in midst of that we decided to have a contest – Who’s mouse is the Lamest? So who gets the award? Lets have a look at the contenders

  1. Preshit
  2. Preshit's Lame Mouse 1 Preshit's Lame Mouse 2 Preshit's Lame Mouse 3

  3. Santosh
  4. Santosh's Lame Mouse 1 Santosh's Lame Mouse 2

  5. Karthik
  6. Karthik's Lame Mouse

  7. Omkarnath
  8. Omi's Lame Mouse Omi's Lame Mouse 2

  9. Kunal
  10. Kunal's Lame Mouse

  11. Me
  12. My Lame Mouse

And the winner is…….. well that’s for you to decide. Drop a comment and give your opinion. If you feel your mouse deserves an entry then post it in the comments! I’ll include it in the post!