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Ambulance and Bangalore traffic.

··339 words·2 mins
Part of this was originally posted as a comment to Nithin’s facebook post about today’s news article stating that Cops will send you legal notice if you block an Ambulance.


Short Review of the Vu 40″ – 40k16 LED TV

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I was on the fence about buying a TV since I don’t watch it that much, but during their recent sale, I came across an offer from Snapdeal on Vu TVs that was too good a deal to pass by, so I grabbed the Vu 40″ TV(aka 40k16).





And The Lamest Mouse Award Goes To….

··86 words·1 min
Preshit’s tweet about him having the lamest mouse triggered a series of “my-mouse-is-lamer-than-yours" tweets, and in midst of that we decided to have a contest - Who’s mouse is the Lamest?

1 Year At Chip Forums

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Today I completed an anniversary of sorts 1 year of registering at Chip India forums.