Ambulance and Bangalore traffic.
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Part of this was originally posted as a comment to Nithin's facebook post aboutΒ today’s news article stating that Cops will send you legal notice if you block an Ambulance. There’s a well known law called Parkinson’s Law which states work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion There are various corollaries on this - and the one which I resonate the most is

Short Review of the Vu 40β€³ – 40k16 LED TV
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I was on the fence about buying a TV since I don’t watch it that much, but during their recent sale, I came across anΒ offer from Snapdeal on Vu TVs thatΒ was too good a deal to pass by, so I grabbed the Vu 40β€³ TV(aka 40k16). Delivery, Installation & Unboxing SnapdealΒ shipped the TV next day, to be delivered by Bluedart - who took a good 10 days to deliver it.

The farce that is online request forms present on Indian websites
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Have you ever seen the “contact forms” that are present on a lot of companies offering services such as Broadband, Telephone Lines, cars, bikes et al? I have and I’m sick of seeing them. Why do these dumbasses put these forms? They are of no utility except for the sole purpose of harvesting email address, phone numbers & other contact details so that they can shove their promotional material down your throat and spam you to eternity.

25. My 25th Birthday "Celebration"
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March 19 1985, 05:28. Date and time a certain SJ (no, not Steve Jobs, me!) came into this world. Fast forward to March 19, 2010. Today. Yesterday. couple of days ago. 25. I’ve “officially” completed 25 years of which 22 years were spent in Mangalore, 9 months in Austin, and the remaining time in Chennai.

Celebrating 2 years
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Couple of days ago, I tweeted thisΒ little message. July 9, 2007 is a red letter day for me - for that was the day I started my career as a working professional. As I tweeted that, I was greeted over IM by few of my friends and colleagues. It didn’t strike me much as soon as I tweeted, but few hours later I was just amazed as to how fast time has gone by - and how far I’ve come. To think, I applied for this position as an afterthought (“should I really ? Well.."). That got me into nostalgia mode.

The customer is always right.
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The customer is always right. even if they say sun never sets and horses lay eggs. /facepalm Just some of the shit that I go through everyday. /end short rant

The RubyHall Chronicles
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This piece of work was written(and is continuing to be written, as of now) by my buddy, fellow rocker and 3i-ian Ankit. Its basically on our journey in 3i, from day 1. Note: This is NOT my article, all due credits to Ankit.

I never thought..
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Its almost time to kick out 2008 and welcome 2009. Instead of posting the Happy New Year message, thought I’ll post somethings which I never thought/expected I’d do/happen but did: So here ya go

And The Lamest Mouse Award Goes To….
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Preshit’s tweet about him having the lamest mouse triggered a series of β€œmy-mouse-is-lamer-than-yours” tweets, and in midst of that we decided to have a contest - Who’s mouse is the Lamest? So who gets the award? Lets have a look at the contenders

Me? Man of Many Faces? Had Plastic Surgery?
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So I was having a nice talk with Harshad a while ago on IM, and he asked me a question no one had EVAR asked.

I’ll let the log do the talking.

(11:07:16 PM) simpleharshad: how many photos you have
(11:07:22 PM) simpleharshad: ??
(11:07:31 PM) simpleharshad: i have seen you in two diff. photos
(11:07:34 PM) Sathya: hmmm No idea :-??
(11:07:47 PM) Sathya: check my orkut, facebook and flickr albums
(11:07:47 PM) simpleharshad: you look totally diff
(11:07:47 PM) simpleharshad: πŸ˜•
(11:07:50 PM) Sathya: HAHAHAAHA
(11:08:01 PM) Sathya: which phots you refer to ?
(11:08:19 PM) simpleharshad: the picture you have on stumble and one on twitter