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And The Passport Arrives

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After running about the Mangalore passport offices, running behind the cops to get verification done, and running to Bangalore passport office and converting the passport application to Tatkal, I finally received my passport in Chennai yesterday.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing though - I could’ve gotten it a LOT earlier but Ayudha Pooja, Vijaya Dashami, holidays caused the Passport application processing to be delayed by a week.

To add to the complications, I had to apply for the passport in Mangalore I don’t have any valid address proof for my Chennai residence though I’ve been here for more than a year. And though we have a passport office in Mangalore, we can’t convert it to a Tatkal quota passport, meaning after applying for the passport and waiting for the police verification, I had to goto Bangalore to submit the Tatkal conversion application, and pay the Tatkal fee. And there was another catch here.

I reached the Bangalore passport office, it took me about half hour to figure out which Queue to stand in - (FYI: There’s an Enquiry queue, passport application queue and a Tatkal conversion queue - most people standing in the queue didn’t know what queue they were standing in) and another 2 and half hours to actually get to the counter - no thanks to stupid idiots who’d keep barging in, and other because of fucking agents who’d carry 10-20 applications. The worst part was that the counters are open from 9:30 to 12:00, and I got to the counter at 11:30, only for him to tell me that the police verification report hadn’t been received by them 😐 So effectively that day was wasted, and had to wait another day, and thankfully by the next day I was able to submit the application head back to Chennai.

Further delay was because the Passport would be sent via Speed Post to Mangalore (since my permanent address is my M’lore address) and my Dad had to send it Chennai again, using Speed Post. Oh well, its finally here, and my Visa processing has started already.

Work-wise its getting pretty hectic, since now majority if my team mates were layed off (and as of today shifted to a new geography), which means only few remain, and I’ve been having Daily KT sessions - as most senior people will be resigning from office this weekend. So in addition to KT sessions, currently I’m also dealing with some change requests, working on new requirements and fixing bugs to the things I’d worked on 😐 that leaves me pretty much dead tired by the end of day.

Ah well, I guess that’s about it for now. Will post soon as my Visa is ready.