The 1800km Coastal Karnataka Roadtrip – Part 1 – Bangalore – Mangalore
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I’ve always wanted to go on long road trips, but with both Jo and me working, trying to find a contiguous block of holiday has been rather difficult. With me taking a breakΒ and Eid holiday coming during middle of the week, we got a chance to do our road trip.

With a date set, weΒ next wondered which route to take? We considered Coastal Karnataka(Bangalore - Goa - Mangalore - Bangalore) and Tamil Nadu(Bangalore - Madurai - Kanyakumari - Thanjavur - Chennai - Bangalore), but eventually decided upon Coastal Karnataka after consulting with resident travel expert Ashwin. He also suggested few additional places(OK, he suggested a lot of the intermediate places) and we decided on this route and timeline.

Capping off a roller coaster year
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2011 was a roller coaster year. Here’s the year in review, in bullet points Sold off my iPhone 3G and purchased a Nexus S Supposed long term US stay gets cut short. 3+ years of work on project gone down the drain. On the upside, learnt quite a lot. Met Manaa in person, after being a very close friend for 6+ years Was elected as Community Moderator for one of the Stack Exchange sites, Super User Wrote my first Chrome Extension to get around WebNonsense crap Bad security practice from the past comes to haunt me.

The Getaway – Part 1 – Coming together of The Plan(tm)
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If you’ve been reading my blog or know me, you probably know that I have a rather regular set of vacation times – ie, a week’s break once every three months or so. This time, however it was slightly different, and it had been about 5 months since I had taken a break. Let’s go back in time for a bit, however.

Of comatose blogs & vacations
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Its been a very busy, hectic past few months. Besides my day night job( I work at US timings, PITA), I’ve also started contributing to techie-buzz, though my day night job takes a whole lot of my time, and I’ve not been able to contribute much. My Linux blog and as well as this blog has been lying almost in a coma state. I plan to start posting some articles now and then, got it in shipshape with a new theme, so watch out!

A Snapshot of Me From The Past
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Picture from 10th standard yearbook, circa 2001. Somethings are priceless πŸ™‚ Thanks, Kevin.

I am in III Standard
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A little something my Dad sent to me by mail. Brought a HUUUGE wide smile on my face πŸ™‚

Shriya & Supriya gets featured on DaijiWorld
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As part of Children’s day the Kannada daily Vijaya Karnataka had held an “Muddu Kanda”(translated means sweet child) contest. My sister Supriya had enrolled her daughter, my neice Shriya in the contest and guess what Shriya won the second place πŸ˜€ Daiji World features this story. Below is the picture. For more of my Neice’s pics you can check my flickr set.

You know you're a Mangi[Mangalorean] When…
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Found this post while randomly browsing through facebook groups. Was literally ROFLMAO as I read through this. Here goes

  1. Sunday morning breakfast has to be sanna and sorpotel.

  2. Konkani is never spoken, always sung.

  3. At all family gatherings, (after a few drinks) the older men of the family will bring out their guitars and sing dirty songs and everyone will actually join in.

  4. Every other Mangy is a far off relation.

And The Passport Arrives
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After running about the Mangalore passport offices, running behind the cops to get verification done, and running to Bangalore passport office and converting the passport application to Tatkal, I finally received my passport in Chennai yesterday.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing though - I could’ve gotten it a LOT earlier but Ayudha Pooja, Vijaya Dashami, holidays caused the Passport application processing to be delayed by a week.