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Initial Impressions.

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After the rollercoaster ride that is my Mumbai - Austin flight, I’ve finally settled down here, Here’s been my initial impressions.

  • There are Indians everywhere. Yes I’d heard about it, now I’ve seen it. Met quite a few Indians here (not necessarily friendly buggers). There were couple of Indian families in my NJ - Houston flight. Couple of students too, one fellow was shivering, shaking and slowly came to me and asked he was boarding the right flight.Heck the only other guy besides me in Houston - Austin flight was an Indian. (Coversely, he might be thinking the same)
  • iPhones are everywhere.Maybe there are more iPhones than Indians. Dunno. Majority of the phones I’ve seen here are either iPhones or Blackberries. Nokia in US probabbly expands to No(nexistent)kia.
  • Americans are pretty friendly and chatty. They might’ve never seen you, yet they will smile and saw a “howdy” as you pass by them.
  • Road Rules are everything. It might be 5AM, the guy/girl driving might be a lone sole on the road, no matter how deserted it might be, still the person WILL abide rules and stop at a red light.
  • As in point #1 -> Indian stores are everywhere. You get everything from Lizzat Pappads, MTR garam masalas, to Brittania Good day, Parle G biscuits etc. You can safely leave all them back home and save tonnes of space.
  • Speciifc to Austin: If Bangalore is/was Garden City, Austin is Forest City. PERIOD.
  • Incase you’re wondering: Nope, I’m not freezing, neither is it snowing here, its pretty pleasant 20deg C temperatures
  • Haven’t been to downtown Austin, heard its pretty lively - College crowd, 150 pubs in an area
  • The bus stop is right outside my apartment, gotta take that..
  • Have seen couple of SIGN FAILs. My phone battery was dead, so couldn’t take pic. Will take this weekend.
  • And oh yea this place is a dream come true for car enthusiaists. Have seen couple of Mustangs, Chevrolet Corvette C6, Pontiacs, Mercedes CL 55 AMG, BMW M3 and Z3, and not to forget Harley Davidson. The engine roar is something AWESOME!!

Thats about it for now. Will update more as I experience.