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So what's been up with me ?

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Its been a while since I posted eh… oh yea been busy with lots of stuff just work :|. Lot has happened, so let me get started.

First, yap I’m still in Austin - I was scheduled to make a return to India in

January March - well that didn’t quite happen - I’m still here - and would most probably return to India during the end of May - don’t think this would get postponed - might just cause a problem when I return (yes there’s a high chance that I might return).

Celebrated my birthday alone 🙁 but had lot of wishes on twitter and facebook - thanks for the wishes ya’all!

Also couple weeks ago went on a shopping spree(atleast to my standards!). Me and a colleague of mine had been to San Marcos - there’s a factory outlet strip mall here of quite possibly ALL the brands you could think of - and this place is pretty huge. Just browsing here could easily take a day. God bless your poor soul (and wallet/credit/debit-card/bank account) if you’re here with a shopoholic wife/GF/BF/fiance. Bought myself a GAP shirt, a GAP flip-flops (sandals 😛 ), bunch of halfsleeved shirts, T-shirts(including a frikkin' awesome “Rock on handsymbol” T-shirt and a Tee featuring all of Marvel comics characters, couple of Banana Republic T-shirts, and yea pair of Nike shoes (guess no trip to US would be complete without a “flashy” I-bought-in-US-sports shoes - don’t worry I stuck to a simple pair of sports shoes - I hate the flashy gimmicky ones.

Work’s killing me as always - no pont in discussing that.

Appraisal season was upon in office - I was told that my Appraisal would be done by a Chennai manager - a guy who I’ve never worked with, neither does he who the hell I am 😐 great job. Thankfully it was changed, but again to other fellow who doesn’t know me well. And that fellow actually gave me a 3/5 rating. Yes after all the headbanging, after all overnighters, all the upto-2AM-wake-up-at-6AM stuff, I get a three, gee, thank you very much for keeping me motivated *more* than ever-before.

Although I’m not *that* concerned with the rating - the clients here have given me excellent feedback(“you are the most eloquent person who’s come here”) and the fact that my onsite PM and Delivery manager have both appreciated my hardwork - their feedback has had a postive impact on me - the fact remains that the 3 rating still pricks me a bit. I’m a human(and a PC too :P) after all.

Next is a piece of news about couple of my friends that rattled me - one of my colleague/batch/friend was asked to leave - part of the whole layoff thing. Another guy would be leaving work - he’s gotten an admission for MBA - Shankara - The Godfather - you ROCK! All the best for your MBA and the future ahead of you! My roomie - Adi - is getting engaged to another batchmate - I told all of my friends this is going to happen - nobody believed me (heck I’m his roomie - I *know* what the heck he’s been talking after all :roll:) - congrats to him as well. Might not be able to meet them 🙁 Shankar would be probably leaving around May 15 - and Adi’s going to Nigeria for couple of months next weekend. Great stuff.

Next - I tweeted about going to Smackdown event - Smackdown was here at Frank Erwin centre but work meant I couldn’t go :(( DAMMIT! :((

Also been trying out Jaunty - and loving it - check my impressions here.

What next - well as mentioned above I might return to India May end (tweetup at Int’l airport again, Aalaap ? :P). Means I can be with my sis for her b’day in June 🙂

Maybe a tweetup with Sindhu, Manish, Swaroop ? lets see! Will keep ya all posted!

Cheers till then!