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Take a screenshot of your desktop and upload to ImageShack imgur easily

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I wanted a simple tool to upload to Imageshack with minimum fuss and absolutely no config settings, couldn’t find any such so I built one myself.  Just extract all the files to a folder, run the executable, and if you want to upload something to  Imageshack, hit PrintScreen and double click the icon on the system tray, it’ll automatically upload to ImageShack imgur, and once upload is done, will give you a notification and copy the ImageShack imgur URL to the clipboard.

I’ve been using this for the past few weeks months now, and seems to work fine atleast on Win 7. Under Linux, the app runs fine using Mono + Winforms without any changes - although there’s a slight glitch - the generated URL doesn’t see to get copied to the clipboard. Let me know your feedback / rants.

(PS: Don’t judge my code, its horribly n00bish and nowhere close to being called “professional”)

Download Link:
Sources available on GitHub

( Based on Omkar’s ScreenUp and uses Bryce’s C# Wrapper for ImageShack XML API. Also, thanks to Omkar for the selection screenshot library. )

Screenshot of the software in action:

IS Uploader

Update: Bryce’s imageshack library stopped working, due to a probable change in API by Imageshack. The tool now uploads the image to imgur. Functionality remains the same 🙂