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25. My 25th Birthday "Celebration"

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March 19 1985, 05:28. Date and time a certain SJ (no, not Steve Jobs, me!) came into this world. Fast forward to March 19, 2010. Today. Yesterday. couple of days ago. 25. I’ve “officially” completed 25 years of which 22 years were spent in Mangalore, 9 months in Austin, and the remaining time in Chennai.

The day was pretty uneventful, however. My colleague Sweety was the first to call at 12:00, and Zakir, the silent assassin sitting besides me jumped and pounced on me, hammering away - all in the name of “bumps”. Few more calls, *loads* and *loads* of tweets and facebook messages wishing me a Happy B’day. I actually hit twitter rate limit, on and dabr, twice. Dang. Finished off my work ( I’m a zombie, work at nights thanks to my previous stint *grumble*grumble* ) left for home. Dad & Mum called, as did few relatives 🙂 Returned to work on Friday evening(*grumble*grumble*), got wishes from Colleagues, and cake facials ( thankfully, no tomatoes or rotten eggs !). Finished off work and got back home Saturday morning. (FYI: Reach office at 5:30pm, leave at 5:30am).

Saturday afternoon I was supposed to be at the Indibloggers' meet in Chennai but thanks to my working works, I woke up late and couldn’t make it (almost). Ankit sent me a message about trying to make it to the Indiblogger meet, and after a li’l coaxing by Narayanan I moved my lazy butt over to GRT convention centre, at the best time possible (read: Just in time to eat and to grab the T-shirt). Met Ankit Agarwal for the first time, after lots of “yeah we’ll meet this weekend for sure” tweets.  I will definitely catch up with him. For sure.

From there, Narayanan, Preethika, Ankit and me were wondering what to do, thought of heading off to 10 D but it was only 6pm and 10 D wouldn’t open for another hour or so. Narayanan suggested we try out this new place called 9 feet High . 9 feet high was pretty nice, beachside view, great ambience, good music and okay-ish food. Tried out “Nanu mix” :p  ( for the curious, its a cocktail mix prepared by Narayanan - Vodka, green chilles, lime, Sprite - a very unique combination). Our discussion was interrupted by a, er, loafer very interesting person. Needless to say he wasn’t clearly thinking straight and the poor lady accompanying him was rather embarrassed. (Side note: Narayanan mentioned about him sending an SMS apologizing his behaviour). Moving on, we headed back to IIT-Madras, where we had our fill of food and to end the day, Narayanan dropped us back to our PG. Quite an interesting day it was indeed.