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Heading back to Austin

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Well, I’m heading back to Austin for a second stint. Had an amazing time the last time I was there - was there for almost a year. Learnt a lot - technically & otherwise. Unlike last time when I had a flight from Chennai to Mumbai and then a direct Mumbai to New Jersey flight ( with a Mumbai International Airport to boot) - this time, the flight will be from Chennai.

The route would be Chennai - Doha - Washington - Austin. Worst part about this journey is that flight takes off at 04:45, and I would have to reach there by atleast 2AM - which means - Goodbye sleep. Will be reaching Doha by 06:45 for a 2 hour stopover. The connecting flight leaves Doha at 09:00 and would reach Washington at 16:00. The final flight to Austin is set to depart at 18:50. I’m a little worried about this difference - I’m not sure if this difference is enough for me to finish off the formalities - especially the immigration part. Lets see how it goes. Hope it will not be anything like the last trip!