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Creating and Editing Parameterized Queries in Excel 2007

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I spotted this question on Super User about creating parameterized queries in Excel 2007 and attempted to answer it - as I thought it would be pretty easy.

And well - it was easy - the part part where you create the query, that is. Now creating parameterized queries - now that’s something totally different. I searched around a bit for documentation on doing so - and found that any articles on the same were woefully inadequate. To be specific: There are plenty of articles on how to change the parameters - just head over to Properties -> Query Definition -> Parameters. Ok, cool. Now hang on, the Parameters button is disabled. How the heck am I supposed to get it enabled ? I had a ball of a time trying to figure out a way to do it - and in the end, found the answer, and posted it. Figured might as well post it here for my reference… and for others who are searching for a way to do the same.

Dunno why MS has made this so complicated, You will have to use Microsoft Query.

Click on Data -> From External Sources -> From Microsoft Query. Choose Data source comes up. Select SQL Server, enter the Authentication details, and select the table

Click on Next, don’t select any filtering criteria, choose sort by criteria, click on next. Now, click on View/Edit in MS Query instead of selecting Return to Excel

Click on Finish. Now in MS Query, Click on Criteria -> Add Criteria, choose the operator and let the value be []

Click on File -> return data to Excel. Now Excel should prompt you for the parameter, select the relevant cell

To edit the parameters, click on Data -> Properties -> Finger icon -> Definition -> Parameters

    • *You can also use the SQL query editor and type in the query with the joins and put a 

? against the field where the parameter has to be fetched.