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Hard to believe, but it’s been two months since I’ve been in Austin{#aptureLink_i24lvCH4aM}.  Let’s rewind back to my flight details.

As mentioned in my previous post my flight was due to depart at 04:45, and I would have to reach at the Airport by atleast 2AM. Since I didn’t have a vehicle, I called up a call-taxi and arranged for it to come at 01:30. The airport was about 45 minutes from where I stay, and wasn’t sure about the traffic (if any – plus it was kinda stormy that night/early morning) so revised the taxi timings and asked him to come over at 01:15.

(Un)fortunately the taxi driver was a little too fast and I was at the airport by 01:45. And by 02:15 I was done with baggage check and security clearance ( I didn’t have to check-in – I’d done web check-in 12 hours ago and just had to pick up the boarding pass and was directed straightaway to the counter to pick it up). Plenty of time to kill. I pulled out my laptop so that I browse the ‘net – and guess what – the Airport didn’t have any free WiFi and the paid WiFi required sending of password to cell phone – which maybe fine, but I’d already given up by number to Ashmi since I would not be using any more, and soo the sending of password was useless. Remind me again, why they need to send the password via an SMS ? Why not generate a unique one-time link to authenticate ? Yeesh. The other alternative was to get an hour’s worth of WiFi from a Tata Indicom booth nearby ( hey, something’s better than nothing!) and the brilliant guys over at booth thought it was fit NOT to have anyone man the station. Huh, not much sales I guess.

So, I pulled out my iPhone, played few games, listed to some music, caught up on some feeds and somehow killed time. I thought I’ll get some smokes, so went over to the airport lounge, asked for some mints, chocolates, a Tropicana and some cigarettes – only Marlboro was available. I was shocked when they told me the total bill was Rs 350. I was like WTF and started looking at the bill and prices listed on each item. The FUCKING bastards had charged Rs 275 for the cigarettes – whose MRP is Rs 100. I raised it up with the store attendant – and the female had no clue and called in the manager. And you know what – that FUCKING manager actually had the audacity to tell me it’s “airport” price. I raised a big scene here – c’mon you fucking believe this ? Those bloody bastards are looting everyone, charging over 2 and half times the prices and ACTUALLY justify it AIRPORT PRICE ? What kind of scum bags are these ?

I gave them an ultimatum stating that either they charge me at a price not exceeding the MRP or else they lose my sale, and when they said no – I returned the items back. It’s rather unfortunate that no body ( atleast not many people) were close to the shop – and it’s unfortunate this daylight robbery still goes on.

Anyhow went back to my place, did some more timepass till the time arrived to board the train. There was a stopover for couple of hours at Doha, Qatar. Purchased a carton of cigarettes for a colleague of mine. Moved on to my Qatar airways flight from Doha to Washington.

The flight was uneventful, no surprises or chirpy old ladies{#aptureLink_6LTYNd0aqP} to bother me. I must confess though, more than anything I was rather worried about what about would await me at immigration especially with my Visa statuts. Thankfully, immigration was done rather quickly ( and without a hitch) and headed to the gate at which my flight was due to depart in another couple of hours. I gave my colleague Anup{#aptureLink_mpYq7azOli} a call & informed him about my arrival.

When the boarding call arrived and I handed over my boarding pass for the final flight from Washington to Austin, I got another shock when the ground staff told me that my seat had already been checked in by someone else(!). With only few minutes for the boarding gates to close, I got a bit jittery about this  situation and on having to miss the flight again. Thankfully the flight attendant got this cleared and I was able to to board the flight *just in time*.

So finally made it to Austin. It’s good to be back here. Temperatures were in the high 90’s/low 100’s when I arrived, but now it’s gotten cooler as is around 70-80. I haven’t been to too many places outside Austin -in Austin – I drop by almost every week to North by Northwest{#aptureLink_ie3MHe5MCj} . Also paid a visit to the Alamo Drafthouse – s pretty sweet movie theater which serves food and drinks as you watch the movie.

In other gadget news, I’ve purchased some new goodies – the Denon AH-C360{#aptureLink_Qz7LvMTqD3} in-earphones ( no thanks to those security folks @ Chennai airport who destroyed my SoundMagic PL-11), and ofcourse my new baby, the Envy 14{#aptureLink_A0oXDGtZSY}. I’ll post a review on each of these soon. Also, Jeff Atwood{#aptureLink_meRwU158Sx} sent me over a D-Link DGL-4500{#aptureLink_3CyHvsvdga} for helping him out with a new recommendation and my contribution to Super User{#aptureLink_cOHvF6ldYn}.

Also found couple of Mangaloreans near Arlington, hoping to meet them soon. So let’s see how it goes. Will post an update soon.

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