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Parc Drumul Taberei Metro station

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When I moved into current house, I was quite happy to note that there was construction going on for Bucharest Metro M5 line. Having a metro right next to your house is of course quite nice to have, considering it makes getting into and out of the city that much easier. My landlady, however, brushed off my optimism mentioning that the M5 metro line has been under construction since a long time and most had given hope on it.

Looking it up, I wasn’t surprised - construction of the M5 line had started way back in 2011 and had been getting delayed for multiple years (Namma Metro, anyone?) and most of my colleagues mentioned that there weren’t expecting it to be done any time soon. Having said that, it was surprising to see that the M5 line was inaugurated on Sept 15. I paid a brief visit to check it out - and pics are below. I didn’t ride the Metro, maybe once the pandemic has subsided I’ll gather the courage to go out in a crowd.

Underground entrance


Exit gates for people exiting the train

View from exit of the station