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Got boosted with the third dose of Covid vaccine

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Just as Delta started picking up, Romania announced they were going to start administering the booster dose. The booster shots were to be given to medical staff and people in vulnerable categories first, and to the public later, much like the first vaccination program. To be eligible for the booster, people should have received their second dose six months ago. By this, it meant that I would have been eligible for the booster end of October. However, because of work and my permit issues I wasn’t able to get it done then. By November, Romania was just about beginning from a terrible Delta wave, and since Jo would be eligible for her booster in December, we waited it out and get our booster dose together.

Unlike our previous doses where we went to Rom expo, for the booster we found a clinic that was taking part in vaccination marathon (Romania has been doing a lot of vaccination marathon to make up for the abysmal vaccination rates, despite being one of the earliest to start the vaccination) that was about 1km away and walked over there and get our shots.

When we entered and presented our ids, there was a little bit of hesitant (again… because our ids had expired) but after telling them that due to the state of alert, the ids are still valid, the person at the clinic spoke to others and verified that we can get our shots done. The vaccination center wasn’t completely empty - few people were trickling in, so was kinda glad that people were getting their vaccinations in.

The shot itself went okay, and from there we went over to the Westside Christmas Market. Later in the evening, we started feeling some of the side-effects of the shot. I was feeling quite drowsy, so went to sleep early. The next day, I was still drowsy and thought having some breakfast and coffee and a shower will make me feel better.. nope, nada.

Not feeling well, I went back to sleep, only to see the side effects worsening. I felt like I had a headache over a headache! I was feeling quite cold, so I asked Jo to give me the socks to trap the body heat, and once I put on my blanket, I was suddenly feeling too hot! Trying to get some sleep was a real challenge and somehow I pushed through and fell asleep. A few hours later, I woke up feeling a million times better, though I still had a hundred-degree fever. Took a paracetamol tablet and went to sleep, to wake up the next feeling as nothing had ever happened!

Well, at least it was worth it, and glad we got our boosters on a Saturday so we could rest up. Jo didn’t have side effects like me, apart from her arm being really sore. With Omicron now beginning to ravage hard, I hope this is good enough to protect. We will, of course, take the usual precautions - mask up everywhere and step out only when needed.