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Wrapping up at Adobe

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After an amazing 5 years at Adobe, I have decided to leave Adobe and take up a new challenge.

The 5-year service crystal

I joined Adobe with just under a year of “professional” cloud computing experience. Over the past 5 years, I have progressed from having created only some EC2/RDS instances to working with the Adobe I/O Events team, taking it to GA and with the API Platform team, expanding the gateway footprint from AWS to AWS & Azure - setting up deploy pipelines, standardizing monitoring and alerting, introducing automations for many processes. Over the way, I have learnt so much about cloud, networking, reliability engineering, containers, remote working, working across time zones, and this is just a short list.

A shout out to my managers, Razvan Stoica and Craig Holmes whose continuous support enabled me to keep pushing myself. My APIP DevOps teammates - Andra Catana, Cosmin Martinas, Ion Meitoiu, Jonathan Holmes, Razvan Lixandru and Vlad Fratila for helping me out through these years. And of course, a shout to my Adobe I/O Events friends - Manik Jindal, Sangeetha Krishnan and many others who’ve continuously supported me.

Leaving Adobe also means leaving Romania. My stay in Romania was linked to my employment in Adobe. While my brief stay of about 2.5 years in Romania was mostly at home (due to the pandemic) I loved my stay there. The people were really nice, but there were a bunch of government policies that made staying in the country without a Permanent Residency really difficult. I’ll talk about this in a separate post, but I have no regrets about spending these years in Romania. The cities are nice, the rural areas are beautiful, and I hope to return to Romania to visit the country more - which is one of my biggest regrets - that I didn’t get to travel much across Romania. For the little travels that I did across Brasov, Sinaia, Constanta, and across Transylvania, you can find my pictures on my Adobe Portfolio site.

What next? For now, I am taking a short break to relax, recharge, meet with friends and family and some long-pending paperwork that needs to be done. I hope to finsh off the Transylvania travelogue too, so do subscribe to my RSS feed.