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Unfortunately, I picked up COVID

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Until now, I had the distinct privilege and record of never having to test for COVID-19, PCR or otherwise, due to either not doing any travel or being indoors, or both. As of today, the record sadly is broken, for post my return from re:Invent 2022 I have tested positive for COVID-19.

The Madness of Las Vegas

The impact of the mask was immediately apparent as I walked by the casino floor to my room - casino floors are open smoking areas (while ironically a board sits 2 steps away marking the food court as a non-smoking area) and I could feel the cigarette smoke through the mask, making me wonder how it’d be without it. For most of my visit in Vegas, I was masked up,

Unfortunately, I find it frustrating that despite being masked most of the time, not taking off masks even when taking pics, I still contracted COVID-19. The reality is that I did get a bit careless, removing masks on some occasions, especially towards the latter part of the week. I’m just curious if someone like me who took precautions picked up COVID-19, how are the others doing? re:Invent 2022 for me was a way to get ‘back’ to massive events and, given my current experience, I am not sure if I would want to go back to another massive event? Especially in these few months ahead (looking at my new employer’s company-wide event coming up in Singapore).

The Impact

While re:Invent lasted a week, it’s hard to determine when or from whom I picked it up. An ex-colleague reached out to me letting me know he had tested positive (and I am grateful to him for letting me know), there were other similar reports about the Heroes either testing positive or testing negative and having flu-like symptoms. And just as I thought I didn’t have any troubles, reality hit.

I landed in Sydney on Monday morning and waited for Jo to land (her flight from India arrived about an hour and a half later) and we went home. By this time, more reports had come in from the Heroes, so I isolated in the guest bedroom, which is also my home office. It wasn’t till about 7pm that I started feeling unwell. I just crashed on the guest bed and slept off. The next day morning, Jo ordered the Rapid Antigen tests, and thus after over 3 years of having evaded any tests, my first ever test and I ended up testing positive.

I reported this result to the Heroes group, knowing many of us were frequently meeting and talking to each other, as well as the other group featuring re:Invent attendees from India (well, at least most of the Heroes).

Current state

Currently, I’m on my fourth day, and while I haven’t lost my taste or smell, my body’s been through a range of effects, from body pain, a runny nose so bad you’d think it’d flood Sydney, and just because I said that a few hours later it dammed up and couldn’t breathe through my nose at all.

My fever’s been at a manageable 99-100. After reporting my symptoms and positive test result to the NSW govt, I received an SMS about applying for antivirals if I was eligible (I was not), and some advice for people who’re staying in with me.

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