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Recovering from COVID

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Recovery #

In my last post, I talked about picking up COVID. Thankfully a couple of days after my previous post, I have recovered from COVID. That said, I was still quarantining and masking up indoors so to prevent Jo from getting COVID. We were in separate rooms, with different bathrooms, and I stayed in my room. Sadly, all the precautions were not enough, as she picked up COVID as well, undoubtedly from me.

Both of us had similar symptoms:

  • some fever with body pain (first couple of days)
  • runny nose (next day or so)
  • blocked nose (till the end of symptoms).

That said, I was worse off in some symptoms, while Jo had a longer and slightly worse recovery. Specifically, I had a higher fever, while Jo had a horrible time with her blocked nose. To the extent that we tried multiple nasal sprays, saline washes, and steam inhalations, none of them were really working and she had a really tough time breathing. At some point, we even considered calling the emergency services but held off till it got really bad.

Thankfully, the day that was worse off was the last date of her symptoms and she started getting better.

Negative Result from RAT

While Jo’s still waiting for her second negative test, I got my negative test about 5 days after all my symptoms subsided.

Takeaways #

The past two weeks have been pretty rough for both of us. Despite our best attempts, both of us got Covid. While it was not asymptomatic, it was still not too bad and quite manageable. Now we need to figure out how to get those bivalent boosters - I tried to search for boosters just before heading to Las Vegas for re:Invent, but it wasn’t easily available. For now, we’ll have to wait for 3 months, which is the minimum wait post-COVID-recovery to get the booster.