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Collecting all the year-in-reviews and lookbacks from various services

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Since each service now offers their own look back at 2022 / year in review / wrapped, I figured it’d be nice to collect them all in one place.

Spotify #

Spotify 2022 wrapped

Rock is still the most listened to genre. However, I seem to have lost an affinity for artists and just have music running in the background, not paying much attention to the artist/song.

Steam #

Steam replay

Catch the full image here or via Steam’s page

No surprises there, Civilization 6 has become my defacto “chill” game since it doesn’t require a lot of story involvement and picking up where I left off is relatively easy.

Nintendo Switch #

I used the Switch heavily during June & July when I didn’t have my PC because of the move from Bucharest to Sydney. Stardew was easy to pickup and leave, and I went into the third year of my farm and getting Grandpa’s score.

Switch Started This Year

Switch Most Played

Switch Favorite Game