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Weekly notes 09/2023

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What’s been happening #

  • I returned to Sydney last Sunday from my visit to Singapore and am happy to report that I did not seem to have picked up Covid. My last experience with Covid was unpleasant, and I am glad to have escaped it.
  • Diablo 3’s Season 28 started last week, and by the time I woke up, freshened up, and started playing, many hours had already passed. I’m not into the competitive/“first to reach” side of things. This meant that as soon as I started my season, I got power-leveled to 70.
    • Last week’s Challenge Rift was one of the toughest ever. My pulse was actually racing by the time I finished it. The CR in Asia was a Frenzy Barb with a really squishy build, essentially one hit, and you’re dead. Beating it was a must since I needed it for the Altar.
    • For this season I’ve created a Monk running Patterns of Justice. It’s been going pretty good and I’ve nearly unlocked all seals of the altar, and last night I finally managed to craft the Ancient Hellfire amulet. I’ll probably get a new Frenzy barb done soon.
  • The Formula 1 season has started with the first race in Bahrain over this weekend. Aston Martin & Fernando Alonso were looking quite competitive over the practice and qualifiers. Whether this will continue over race pace and over many weekends remains to be seen. Change is good! I started a Fantasy F1 league with fossil, let’s see how that turns out.
    • I finished watching Drive to Survive Season 5 and I found it to be pretty okay. Some moments such as Ferrari’s great start and subsequent strategy fails were covered, and Zhou’s opening lap crash was overly milked. Seeing the same in three episodes? While the Brazilian and Japanese Grand Prix barely got a mention. Seb was barely shown as well. I still think it’s a good show to catch up and jog your memory about the previous season, or if you’re getting into F1.
  • One for the bucket list: I wanted to experience a concert in the Sydney Opera House and last night we made it. Jo and I went for The Piano Guys show. What an amazing experience. I loved the set, the acts, the stories, the layers and depth of music. It’s amazing what difference an effects pedal can do. In the hands of Steven, the Cello was awesome to hear. Highly recommend watching them if you get a chance.
  • I captured the Harbour bridge in daylight, dusk and at night while we were finishing our early dinner before heading to the concert. Sydney has some truly wonderful views!

Harbour Bridge at Day

Harbour Bridge at Dusk

Harbour Bridge at Night

In The Piano Guys concert, I found out that they are on a quest to perform at the Seven Wonders of the World and have already completed four of them. While we wait for the remaining songs, I’d recommend checking out the music videos recorded at each of the wonders.

Till next week!