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Weekly notes 10/2023

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What’s been happening #

It’s been a pretty uneventful week, so not much of updates, so here’s some updates of previous updates 😆

  • Went to the Sydney Serveless Meetup! It was fun to meet the other Heroes (Peter Hanssens who organizes these meetups plus we had Jeremy Daly and Peter Sbarski in Sydney). Since I wouldn’t be in Melbourne for ServerlessDays ANZ - I figured the meetup would be a good place to meet and chat!

  • Seasonal update: We’re now officially in Autumn! It’s cooler and we’re seeing the leaves on the roads everywhere.

    Fall Leaves
  • Formula 1 update: Aston Martin actually did well! Alonso came third, Ferrari fumbled and Mercedes has some serious issues with pace. Let’s see how the rest of the season goes. I can catch the next two races (in Jeddah and then off to Melbourne).

  • Diablo 3 update: I’m nearly done with the Altar with only the final potion unlock remaining. That’ll take some time since I’ll need two more primals. Been liking the Patterns of Justice Monk gameplay, wanted to see if there’s something similar with the Necromancer - and sadly I was disappointed. I’ve now started building a new WIzard, and will continue with a new Barbarian soon.

    • While playing D3, I’ve been rewatching The Amazing Race. I used to watch it as a kid - they used to Air it on AXN. I realize now that I was watching the first season on AXN and since then 33 other seasons have aired.

I came across this link in Hacker News which has Q/A with Shane Pitman. Shane used to be the leader of Razor 1911, a popular warez group and he talks about life in and post jail. It’s a gripping read, especially the last few months in jail where he got moved to solitary just because the Associate Warden and Director of Education department didn’t get along. Read the post here.

Till next week.