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Weekly notes 21/2023

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What’s been happening #

  • I wrote up about my current gaming setup - check out the full post. I also added aliases to /setup and /hellforge that points to that post. Hugo’s aliases are a nice feature!

  • One of my favorite Twitch streamers, Hitch, is back on his streams, and this time he’s doing a cycling trip across Europe to TwitchCon with a trailer that has a solar panel to power his devices! Pretty cool - give Hitch a view. He’s pretty nice to chat with and is responsive.

  • I gave a talk about AWS Networking for beginners for an online meetup. I’ve published the slides on my site.

  • Vivid Sydney is an annual festival of light, music and ideas held here in Sydney. It started this week, and there are a lot of light installations, pieces, and more primarily around Circular Quay, the Opera House, and a few more locations. We went over there for a concert as part of Vivid Sydney, and it was amazing to see the Harbour Bridge and Circular Quay lit up, with the Opera House being used as a canvas.

    Harbour Bridge lit up for Vivid Sydney
    Harbour Bridge lit up for Vivid Sydney
    Can you spot the Moon, Venus and Mars?
    Opera House being a canvas for Vivid Sydney
  • Speaking of concerts - this one was much-awaited. Jo and I went to see José González perform at the Opera House. Jose performed his first album, Veneer - which he mentioned is a short one and played a few covers, including Massive Attack’s Teardrop.

    With just him performing solo, it was an incredible and soulful performance.

    José González at the Opera House
    José González at the Opera House
  • This day marks a year since my last day at Adobe. I still remember it like yesterday when I decided to leave and was waiting for my visa application and background verification to be approved - I didn’t want to jump the gun. Given that Australia had just opened its borders and what our visa consultant had told us, I figured we had at least two months or so for the work visa to be approved. It turned out our visa was approved in a month, and that threw a whole lot of planning out of the window, especially since we wanted to do one more visit. Anyway, working with the API Platform team is something I will cherish for a really long time - we were a small team, but we did some amazing work, and I personally learned a lot from everyone in the team. I have a longer post of reflections on my 5 years, but that’s remained in draft for a year now. I hope to publish it soon.

I’ve always believed Windows 3.1 was “just” a shell, a GUI on top of DOS. This post debunks that myth and explains why that isn’t the case. Thought it was an interesting read.

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