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Weekly notes 20/2023

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Thumbnail photo: Everglades House gardens.

What’s been happening #

  • This week’s notes post is delayed since Jo & I just returned from a weekend visit to Blue Mountains, again.

    • The trip was to check out the fall colours in Blue Mountains, particularly Mt Wilson and other areas. However, as this tweet mentions, Mt Wilson never happened since we made a detour to Bathurst. Best detour, ever
    • While the overall trip was great, we were about a couple of weeks too late to experience the fall colours as most of the foliage had already fallen off. That said, no regrets, it was great to get out of the city for couple of days.

    • I’ll have a longer post on our trip, till then check out some pictures below.

    At the Norman Lindsay Gallery

    At Mount Panorama, Bathurst

    Everglades House

    Everglades House

  • I met my classmate from my Engineering days. It was really good to meet and catch up. I was surprised to know they have a YouTube channel on cooking (15k subscribers! Pretty good!) and talked a lot about food, how they do content and more. I wish them the best and look forward to meeting them again.

Diablo IV launches in another 10 days, and if there’s anything that I miss from my time playing the game, it’s the fantastic music. Luckily, somebody has created a YouTube playlist of it. Until the soundtrack is officially released, enjoy the videos.

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