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Weekly notes 30/2023

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What’s been happening #

  • The past week has been a milestone week - it’s year of us moving to Sydney, Australia and as well as joining at The Trade Desk. I started on a draft post about how and why we moved from Bucharest, Romania but I never got to finish it. I have another draft post that will cover reflections on the past year and I hope to get it out by the next week - and that will cover a lot more.

    • I also have a really long post (in draft) that talks about my time at Adobe that I hope to finish soon as well!
  • We got our lease extended for our current house for another six months. One thing that stood out in our recent rental run was that a lot of the houses, even the relatively nicer places were not getting leased out and we kept getting price decrease notifications.

  • I’ve been hearing a lot about Succession and I finally got to watch the first season during my US visit and thoroughly enjoyed it! Look forward to watching more episodes.

  • My Diablo IV season is coming along pretty well. I’ve unlocked nightmare more and been running Nightmare Dungeons and Helltides. While playing yesterday, there was a Legion Event within a Helltide, and me with a few others managed complete the Legion event and collect and exchange cinders just as the timer ran out. Was quite exhilarating to get both done just in the nice of time.

  • Line Riders - Beethoven’s 5th

    spent over 3 months synchronizing a line rider track to Beethoven’s 5th drawing everything by hand. Any time a character leaves the screen they are being directed by unseen lines to the next location.

    Masterfully done!

  • Building and operating a pretty big storage system called S3

    Great read on behind the scenes of Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and how at S3’s scale, the effects of one-in-a-billion events are not to be ignored.

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