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Weekly notes 31/2023

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What’s been happening #

  • In my last week’s milestone post, I missed mentioning a milestone - Thej’s been writing the Weekly notes for a year now. Thej’s blogging has been inspirational for me, to read his posts beyond the weekly notes as I often go through periods of blogger’s block. His weekly notes made me pick up blogging again and I am quite happy about it. Go give his blog a read and subscribe to new posts.

  • I’ve been on-call this week. It’s been a pretty silent week, so wasn’t majorly troubled. I’ll have another one in couple of weeks, this is because I had to move my schedule a bit when I was in the US. Thankfully I’ll be off on-call for Jo’s birthday coming this week!

  • My talk proposal for this year’s re:Invent Community Track did not get selected :( I will probably reformat the proposal to a blog post and publish it.

  • I’ve been working on a small TypeScript based program to read the usage data from my electricity provider and push it to Amazon Timestream, so I can chart it with Grafana. What’s interesting about this project is that I’ve been using Amazon CodeWhisperer to help me out and I’ve been pretty impressed. A lot of the suggestions have been helpful, relevant and quite localized to the context of what I have been working on.

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 was officially released last week and it’s been receiving rave reviews everywhere. I should try it out. I last tried Baldur’s Gate while I was in college I think? A close friend of mine gave me the 6-CD set of Baldur’s Gate. I played and struggled to finish the game - the game was quite difficult, Dungeons & Dragons ruleset was new to me, I didn’t understand many of the mechanics behind it. I did enjoy the music and the gameplay would revolve between supremely enjoyable to frustrating. I clearly remember when I rage quit - I had just entered the city of Baldur’s Gate and entered into this tower where my party got ambushed by a bunch of fireballs. Tried so hard and just kept failing there and stopped playing. Baldur’s Gate 3 has a lot of things in common with Divinity: Original Sin 2 and hopefully the difficulty spikes won’t be one of them.

  • I was doing a side quest in Diablo IV and walked across this bridge and suddenly had a sense of deja vu. I look closer and I realize I’m walking along the same path as that was shown in the Diablo IV announce cinematic. A lot of games showcase high quality cinematic environments especially in the announce trailers never to be seen again in the game. This was one of those nice nods that was done well. Was happy to see this. Oh and the quest name is the same as the announce trailer - “By three they come”.

Here’s a fascinating read - The Australian town where people live underground

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