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Weekly notes 32/2023

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Thumbnail image: Dobell Memorial Sculpture: A shiny, reflective diamond shaped (or pyramids-like, to be more specific) tower at the intersection of Spring Street and Bond Street, Sydney CBD.

What’s been happening #

  • It was Jo’s birthday this week. I asked a team mate for some suggestions to a restaurant and she told me couple of choices. I picked an Italian restaurant (called Sagra) because we’ve been trying to find a decent Italian place and most have been pretty meh. Thankfully, this place was really good. It was a small, quaint little place. The service was a bit slow but the food was great. While walking to the place, we realized there’s a whole lot of Italian restaurants on the same road as this restaurant. We should be back to the area to explore more such restaurants.

  • Ever since our electricity meter got upgraded to a digital meter I’ve been thinking of a way to export the data to a timeseries database so I can chart out my usage. I realized that my energy provider’s website has an option to download the usage data from the past two years. Over the past week, I wrote a script to read this file and import the data to a timeseries database. I’m trying to figure out if I can make it more automated. I’ll publish the code to my Github as well, but for now there’s a lot of magic numbers that need to be cleaned up. Look for a blog post on my tech blog soon.

  • I bought Baldur’s Gate 3. The character creator/customizer is quite comprehensive! I’ve started a Tiefling Monk. For a change I didn’t start a game with my usual Fire mage archetype but I figured let’s try something else for a change.

    My Tiefling Monk in Baldur's Gate 3
  • I went to the Sydney Serverless meetup. I’m slowly beginning to meet and recognize some of the familiar faces. It was nice to meet fellow Hero Peter Hanssens who runs the Serverless Meetup and is also organizng the DataEngBytes Conference, happening on August 25th.

  • I found out about Stewardle, which is Wordle but for Formula 1 enthusiasts. Give it a try if you want to test your F1 knowledge.

I came across this post about “My Overkill Home Network - Complete Details 2023”. It’s an extremely long read, so get some coffee / tea / beverage of your choice and enlighten yourself.

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