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Weekly notes 37/2023

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Thumbnail image: The Downing Center is a major heritage-listed former department store and now courthouse complex in Sydney CBD. The building was originally called the Mark Foy’s Piazza Store, a department store founded by Francis and Mark Foy in 1885.

What’s been happening #

  • I used to be a huge newspaper buff. As a kid, I would read The Hindu, or Times pretty much cover to cover. Nowadays with my attention span I find it hard to read anything. I’m trying this experiment to read a newspaper. I’ve subscribed to Sydney Morning Herald, which gives me a weekend paper delivery. The subscription also gives me access to a digital scan of the daily papers and crossword and sudoku puzzles :D
Sydney Morning Herald Saturday Edition
  • The new season of Wheel of Time is out, and Jo and I have been watching it. So far, the first few episodes have been pretty slow to start, with the pace picking up in the past two episodes. With 5 or 6 different storylines, it’s a bit confusing at times but they seem to be converging pretty decently. Hopefully, the pace for the next few episodes will be much faster.
  • The new season of Diablo 3 has started. This season has some interesting changes (cap to the paragon points being the most prominent). I’ve started the new season with a Necromancer, I plan to create a new Witch Doctor at least.
  • Jo & I did a sunset harbour cruise, redeeming the Blueboard experience from my first year milestone reward. Check out my blog post of this experience.
Sunset Skyline

Music of the Week #

Every now and then, YouTube pops up a recommendation out of nowhere and it makes me wonder, why did I not know about this!?. One such recommendation was Martin Miller Session Band’s Ultimate 80’s medley. The band is so good, and the performance is really awesome. I have been listening to every single medley they’ve done, and they are just amazing. They capture the sounds, the songs, the little nuances of different bands and ages so well, I would highly recommend giving them a listen.

Jo told me there’s a train from Sydney to Perth. That’s a distance about about 4,400 kms. Fascinated, I searched about it and found out about The Indian Pacific which comes with 3-night 4-day package including off-train experiences. This vlog from Paul is a wonderful narration of the experience.

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