Contacting Bank of America from India via phone without International outgoing using Collect Call
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If you’re ever stuck in a situation where you need to contact Bank of America from here in India, but don’t have International outgoing available, here’s a quick tip: Check out AT&T’s Direct Access Dialing Code for India(at the time of writing this, it’s 000117) You’ll reach an Operator. Tell him/her the number you want to Dial. This should be 602.597.2395 for Bank of America. Will be different for others.

Win Free Passes For The Def Leppard Concert in Bangalore And Mumbai
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Earlier I’d posted about Def Leppard performing LIVE in Bangalore on the 17th of October at Palace Grounds and on October 19th. If you want to win FREE PASSES to the Concert, just head over to BuzzInTown, put a check mark against “Yes, I plan to attend” and you have a chance to win the pass. Mumbai people, please click on this link for your chance to win the pass.

The Chennai Twitter Meetup
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Picture courtesy Karthik

Chennai Twitter Meetup

Well the third Chennai twitter meetup was held yesterday - and like the second tweetup, this one too was decided in a hurry. UNLIKE the last tweetup, we had more people - 7 people all in all including me, The ones that attended were

  • Ashish (@ashishmohta)
  • Balaji Sowmyanarayan(@labsji)
  • Gayathri (@gbot)
  • Karthik(@karthiksn)
  • Narayanan(@narayananh)
  • Palaniappam (@palam)

Coming October 17: Def Leppard in Concert in Bangalore!
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Yup, what was tentative earlier is now more or less confirmed as the below picture shows: I _should_ be able to make it, and if I do, this will be the first concert I'll be attending! I desperately wanted Red Hot Chili Peppers to perform live(there were rumours of them performing in Bangalore), sadly seems the concert didn't materialize. Oh well. Santosh & Subbu have confirmed their presence for the concert, are you coming?