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You guys should be knowing about what’s been happening in Mumbai all this while. If not, a brief round up on twitter, Wikipedia, by Aditya and Kunal Sheth. Photos and videos speak better than words so here’s Vinu’s flickr profile and of course, Aravind’s Magnum Opus, Hash Mumbai. [edit] Saket aka Vulturo speaks his mind out. Vijayendra Mohanty writes an open letter to the media and gets a response. Chetan Kunte on some *excellent* journalism that I mention below.

The dates are in
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Just a quick post. Got the dates for my trip to Austin. Leaving tomorrow, November 20th, at 15:15 for a Chennai -> Mumbai flight. 23:40 is the Mumbai -> New Jersey flight. Finally, 08:00 New Jersey -> Austin flight. Oh Aalaap just mentioned about a tweetup in Mumbai International Airport. Anyone coming? πŸ˜›

Win Free Passes For The Def Leppard Concert in Bangalore And Mumbai
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Earlier I’d posted about Def Leppard performing LIVE in Bangalore on the 17th of October at Palace Grounds and on October 19th. If you want to win FREE PASSES to the Concert, just head over to BuzzInTown, put a check mark against β€œYes, I plan to attend” and you have a chance to win the pass. Mumbai people, please click on this link for your chance to win the pass.