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Mangalore Diaries – Part II

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In my previous post I’d written about my initial experiences in Mangalore after a 5 month absence. This post continues my previous post.

Well one of the main reasons I’d come to Mangalore was for my neice Shriya’s first birthday celebrations and more importantly her ear-piercing ceremony. My parents had been delaying it for me to come down to Mangalore. You see tradition has it that neice’s ear has to be pierced on her uncle’s lap. I was all gung-ho for it, and yesterday while I’d gone out for dinner with my family, my brother-in-law received a phone call, informing him that there was a death in the family(don’t ask whom, it was like maternal-uncles'-first-cousins'-elder-sister’s-loooong-family-chain-crap) and hence because of Vaale1 we won’t be able to conduct the ear piercing ceremony. And that made me go like :-\ Damn. So when this ear-piercing will happen, no idea.

Anyways past 2 days, haven’t been doing much, lazying around the house and FEASTING and Hogging on Mum’s speciality dish 😀 😀 (Yummmmmm). While I _was_ supposed to pay a visit to Polali, Kaikamba and surrounding places, laziness and the fact that today was a bandh2 meant that I didn’t go anywhere. Except to the beach, that is. That brought out another set of nostalgic moments. I used to goto the Tannirbaavi beach _every_ weekend, sometimes with my folks, sometimes with friends and the road upto the beach was the BEST in all of Mangalore city. Couple of years ago, the backwaters on the road leading to the beach was identified for Barge Mounted Power Generating System. Following that, we had a barrage of lorries invading the road, and this is what the road has turned into now

Yup, from one of the best roads, its become one of the worst roads yet another standard Mangalore road. The roads might be bad, the beach hasn’t changed though - that’s a good and a bad thing. Good thing in that its not dirty, and retains its pristine charm

Bad there has been NO development to make it more tourist friendly at all. No stalls, no benches, heck, no lights. Once the sun goes down, it gets mighty dark, and if you don’t have a vehicle, well then God save you.Anyways apart from this haven’t been upto much. Part 3 will follow soon, for now, I’ve to run to meet a friend! Stay tuned for part 3!

  1. Konkani for death in family []
  2. Strike - yea I know, excuse []