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I never thought..

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Its almost time to kick out 2008 and welcome 2009. Instead of posting the Happy New Year message, thought I’ll post somethings which I never thought/expected I’d do/happen but did: So here ya go

  1. Never thought I’d go from busy to jobless and extremely busy and working overtime in a matter of couple of hours.
  2. Never thought I’d such a huge twaddict (that’s twitter addict for you lesser mortals)
  3. Never thought I’d be a BarCamper
  4. Never thought I’d conduct 2 twitter meetups (however tiny they may be)
  5. Never thought I’d see quite a lot of my friends and colleagues get laid off
  6. Never thought I’d be having a 5KB/s Internet connection
  7. Never thought I’d organize 2 tweetups
  8. Never thought a fucking useless nobody Reports manager would be a Senior Manager
  9. Never thought I’d see an AGM get sacked overnight and asked never to return
  10. Never _ever_ thought I’d be asked to come onsite
  11. Never thought the AWESOME Mumbai tweeps would wait for me at the Mumbai Airport Gate and would have a tweetup just before I left
  12. Never thought I’d set my foot in US in this year
  13. Never thought I’d witness snowfall in an area where snowfall almost never comes
  14. Never thought I’d taste/have more than 5 different types of handmade Beer at the same location
  15. Never thought I’d see a Lesbian couple next to me in a bar
  16. Never thought I’d see a Viagra ad on mainstream TV
  17. Never thought I’d speak and get so close to a girl I’ve never met before

To cap it all, never thought 2008 would be such an eventful, packed, thrilling, rollercoaster ride of a year..

Goodbye 2008,  Wish you all a Happy New Year All!