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Got a new mouse – Logitech v450 Nano (mini) Review

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Well not a “rodent” mouse, but a mouse, mouse. You know the computer peripheral 😛 Well my previous mouse (which, by the way was a contender for The Lamest Mouse award™ had almost died - the left clicks weren’t registering, the cord was getting all tangled up - and decided to go for a new mouse. Thought I’ll get a wireless one, and what the heck a Laser wireless one. After a bit of searching - this is what I got

Logitech v450 nano

logitech v450 Nano

I bought this for $39 over Amazon -the little thingy next to the mouse is actually the receiver - and its pretty tiny. The mouse itself is pretty awesome, 1000dpi resolution, and its a Laser rather than a plain optical LED mouse. The scroll wheel has got both vertical (the usual) and horizontal scrolling (just move the scroll wheel to left or right), however for the horizontal scrolling to work in Windows you’ll need the 60MB drivers and Logitech SetPoint, while in Linux it works out of the box flawlessly.

The Mouse requires 2xAA size batteries, and its a bit on the heavier side, but the response is pretty freakin' awesome. The manuals say that the rated battery life is 1 year :O find that hard to believe. The package comes with 2xAA batteries, the warranty and quick info guide, and an extender cable, useful if your USB port is at the back or in a hard to reach area and you need to move the receiver here and there.

Overall, its a great mouse 😀