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The tours and events around the first week of June

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I was going through Google Photos’ Rediscover This Day feature and realized that over the past couple of years, a lot of my trips seem to have happened around this time frame.


This year I was at Goa for a weekend meet with Jo's cousins

Full gallery


Last year, my family and I were at Belur and celebrated my sisters’ birthday

Full gallery


We seemed to have done nothing in 2014, though I guess this was mainly because we had been to Goa with my folks in May.


2013 was quite jam-packed though. First was trip to Chennai for Narayanan's and Preethika's wedding

Full galleries: Part 1 and part 2

Then was the meetup with classmates from Engineering classmates

Full gallery

Then was the epic meetup with Reetesh

Full gallery

And then the grand finale - a road trip toย Mangalore with Amit, Santosh and Sharath(side note: pretty much all of us looked a *lot* different, heh)

Full gallery

Here’s to more travels!

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