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Weekly notes 11/2023

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This week’s post is delayed, and for a good reason - I just got back to Sydney from a weekend roadtrip to Newcastle. Though I did start writing some portions, I have to admit I just lazed the weekend away 😊 I’ll have a travelogue of the Newcastle trip later in the week, let’s see what’s been happening since the past week.


What’s been happening #

  • It was my birthday yesterday! I am closer to my forties now. Not one for big celebrations, big parties, or such, I prefer to spend the day with a drink or two with friends and family.

    • This year around, we decided to head over to Newcastle. Jo had originally planned a visit to Hunter Valley vineyards but decided against it given the heat and that we’d spend 3 hours driving to and back from Hunter Valley.
    • Instead, we spent the day just chilling. Went over to a brewery in the afternoon and then to a rum bar in the evening.
    • Newcastle is really pretty! And two days was not enough to explore the surrounding areas. Must plan to come back again.
  • Got a shiny new toy as a birthday gift! After thinking through it for nearly a month I finally bought a Steam Deck.

    • So why another portable device? Well, I’ve had the Switch for just over 5 years ago (actually bought the Switch on my birthday 5 years ago.. damn) and to be honest I haven’t used it as much as I thought I would. Two main reasons:
      • The ergonomics of the Switch were quite poor and couldn’t hold it for extended periods (not talking about hours here) without hurting my hand bad
      • I saw that I was double/triple dipping into the same games to continue playing them whether I was on the desktop or portable.
      • Given these points, I figured it is best to get a Steam deck so I could just focus on my Steam Library.
      • I haven’t played a lot yet, hoping to experiment with it more soon!
  • Diablo IV early access beta is here! Early access weekend started with huge queues but seemed to get better. Saw some interesting gameplay. I look forward to trying it out over the weekend.

Till next week.