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Collecting all the year-in-reviews and lookbacks from various services for 2023

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Since each service now offers its look back at 2023 / year in review / wrapped, I figured it’d be nice to collect them all in one place, similar to how I did it last year.

Music #

Spotify 2023 wrapped

No changes here, Modern Rock is still my most listened-to genre. With 642 artists listened to, playing a song more than a couple of times brings it to my top list. I’ve recorded Spotify’s wrapped and published it to my YouTube channel. Want to listen to my Top Songs 2023 playlist? Find it on Spotify. doesn’t provide a list till Jan 1, 2024 - so once that is out, will link here.

Gaming #

Steam replay

Catch the full stats on Steam’s page

Baldur’s Gate 3 takes the top place for the most played game, with Vampire Survivors coming close thanks to my binge-playing it on the Steam Deck. Steam stats however don’t capture my Diablo 4 numbers - since doesn’t expose official numbers via their APIs (unlike Diablo 3), I used to arrive at an estimate of about 288 hours. So yeah, a lot of Diablo IV has happened in the second half of the year 😂

Raycast #


I have been using Raycast as my Spotlight replacement on my work laptop. While I don’t use many of Raycast’s features, I find the Window management shortcuts for Spectacle to be probably the best use of it, along with some custom scripts I wrote to manage my Jira workflows.

Untappd #

Finally, my beer stats 😂 Since the past couple of years, I’ve cut down on my drinking quite a bit so there are not a lot of stats here.