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Blue card blues
· β˜• 3 min read · ✍️ Sathyajith Bhat
Getting my EU Blue Card renewed has been more painful than it should have been.

Getting our COVID-19 vaccines as foreigners in Romania
· β˜• 5 min read · ✍️ Sathyajith Bhat
As of yesterday, Jo and I completed our second dose of the COVID-19 vaccines, and I feel much better knowing that we have some sort of protection against COVID. In the Beginning Romania started its vaccination program quite early, as early as December 26, 2020. The vaccine rollout was done in three stages: Stage 1: For Health Care Workers Stage 2: For high-risk population (age 65+) and people working in key areas such as public transport etc Stage 3: For the general public While stage 1 started on December 26, stage 2 started around about Mid February and stage 3 was most interesting - it started with the opening of the waitlist on March 15 and vaccinations starting on March 31.

So how's it to be in Bucharest after moving from Bangalore?
· β˜• 5 min read · ✍️ Sathyajith Bhat
It’s been 7 months since I’ve been in Bucharest. The past couple of months I’ve been under quarantine and staying indoors. That aside, people kept asking me how’s it been in Bucharest and how’s life been in Bucharest, how different life is compared to Bangalore. { display: flex; flex-wrap: wrap; } a { flex-grow: 1; object-fit: cover; margin: 2px; display: flex; } a img { height: 480px; object-fit: cover; flex-grow: 1; } Sunset at Bucharest Moving across the world is a huge endeavour and even though I’ve done my share of travels, moving and settling in Bucharest while smooth, experiencing day to day life in Bucharest took me by surprise.

Salut Bucharest - How and Why I moved from Bangalore to Bucharest
· β˜• 9 min read · ✍️ Sathyajith Bhat
It’s been a while since I posted anything, so lets get this started again. As I had tweeted few weeks back, I have moved to Bucharest, Romania. Signing off from Adobe's been a wonderful a book published, became an AWS Community Hero & learnt a lot more.Onwards! (@ Adobe Systems in Bangalore) — Sathya | (@SathyaBhat) October 10, 2019 Here we go (@ Adobe - @myadobe in BucureΘ™ti) https://t.