ICICIโ€™s Useless Buy 1, Get 1 offer with BookMyShow & their other farcial offers
· โ˜• 4 min read · โœ๏ธ sathya
I have an ICICI Bank Coral Credit card. Part of the ‘perks’ that the card provides is something which is enticing to all: Buy one ticket and get the other ticket free, any day of the week, at www.bookmyshow.com.ย You can book upto 2 complimentary tickets in a month on a first come first serve basis. Very nice! so I had tried to book tickets using this offer. I think I’ve succeeded maybe once.

Capping off a roller coaster year
· โ˜• 3 min read · โœ๏ธ sathya
2011 was a roller coaster year. Hereโ€™s the year in review, in bullet points Sold off my iPhone 3G and purchased a Nexus S Supposed long term US stay gets cut short. 3+ years of work on project gone down the drain. On the upside, learnt quite a lot. Met Manaa in person, after being a very close friend for 6+ years Was elected as Community Moderator for one of the Stack Exchange sites, Super User Wrote my first Chrome Extension to get around WebNonsense crap Bad security practice from the past comes to haunt me.

The farce that is online request forms present on Indian websites
· โ˜• 2 min read · โœ๏ธ sathya
Have you ever seen the “contact forms” that are present on a lot of companies offering services such as Broadband, Telephone Lines, cars, bikes et al? I have and I’m sick of seeing them. Why do these dumbasses put these forms? They are of no utility except for the sole purpose of harvesting email address, phone numbers & other contact details so that they can shove their promotional material down your throat and spam you to eternity.