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If you’re a regular reader ( and not reading this in a feed reader) you would have obviously noted a change in appearance of my blog. – It’s been a while since I last refreshed my blog{#aptureLink_xlANS9QD9L} . My World had been running on the absolutely gorgeous (well, IMO anyways) SoDelicious2 theme. I even had a mini “contest{#aptureLink_Ef3ZKyf2FB}” to decide who would get the spots for the gallery links. So why the change then ?

Well nothing in particular, just that you know, you have to keep things changing (OK not *that* much) to it look fresh. I’d been planning for a theme change for a bit now, but was too lazy to scope out which would be good. And then just yesterday I stumbled onto

Theo Jones’ blog{#aptureLink_jEerKQTI2d} and was just blown away by his theme{#aptureLink_VTvWNalKzi}. And the best part was that he had released it for all, and integrates well with the social networks I frequent on (well, except that the records plugin is *slightly* broken but doesn’t affect the blog looks at all).

What I really liked about the theme was that it was clean, I mean realy *crispy* clean, no distractions, no annoying popups or ads ( yeah I got rid of InfoLinks and AdSense – which didn’t do much and I didn’t bother about anyway). Surprisingly, the lack of a sidebar didn’t bother me – I generally stuff up the sidebar with *ahem* goodies but.. yeah I guess I fell for the clean look. I’d prolly do ever-so-slight changes (for one, rename that, err, “Rotating block” to something else). Probably add few of my links, and a blogroll to the end as well. Though I’ve received fairly OK response over twitter & fb on the theme (most of it being – its way too clean/looks like a newspaper) but what the heck – I’m gonna use this theme for a bit.

Comments on the theme/how further are always welcome.

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