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Closing the chapter

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About a week ago, round about this time, my Mum called me up and and told me a piece of news which I would never in my wildest nightmares would have imagined, would happen to me.

A look back at 2012

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Last year, I’d written a 2011 year in review, thought that was a nice way to recap the year.




You owned and used a Dell laptop until now. Recently you purchased an HP Envy. What factors influenced you in choosing HP over Dell or even Acer, Asus for that matter? No beer for short answer.

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Posted as an answer to Ashwin’s formspring me question I had rather definite set of requirements that I was not going to deviate from: – A 14″ screen – Decent graphics card – NO Full HD resolution on the screen – Bonus marks for looking good – Price not exceeding $1200 Let me elaborate on each of these points: 1.